Structural Transformation, Adaptability and City Economic Evolutions

Duration: 10/15 – 03/18

In recent years there has been an increased focus on the role of cities and city-regions in national development. Structural Transformation, Adaptability and City Economic Evolutions focuses on the role of urban areas in driving growth, particularly the potential of the northern cities to address the geographic imbalance of the British economy.

The project will explore the historical development of British cities and the ways this has been determined by structural change and economic governance. Central to this research is the evolution of urban economies from manufacturing to services, and the different trajectories that British cities have followed.

The project outputs will include a range of new datasets covering key areas such as employment and productivity, as well as a series of detailed case studies. These findings will not only provide an important picture of the development of city regions over the past four decades, but also support the design of current urban policies in the north of the country.

Ron Martin (Principal Investigator, Professor of Economic Geography)
David Bailey (Professor of Industry)
Andy Pike (Professor of Local and Regional Development)
Peter Sunley (Professor of Economic Geography)
Pete Tyler (Professor of Land Economy)

Construction of extensive historic data sets on employment and output in around 70 British cities.

Development of 10 detailed case studies of selected British cities, exploring the role of local governance and industrial policies in shaping structural change.

The geographical dimension of the productivity problem
30 November 2017