Jam and Justice: Co-Producing Urban Governance for Social Innovation

Duration: 01/16 – 04/20

Cities are sites of crisis and opportunity. In a context of rapid social change and austerity, the effectiveness of traditional systems of urban governance is in doubt. Jam and Justice: Co-Producing Urban Governance for Social Innovation aims to create a unique space for social innovation to co-produce, test and learn from new ways of governing cities. ‘Jam’ is about trying to bring together different partners in the city to experiment and innovate to address shared problems. ‘Justice’ is about re-connecting with those who have been disenfranchised and excluded from the search for solutions.

Through the development of an Action Research Cooperative (ARC) in Greater Manchester, the project aims to bring together academics, practitioners, citizens and political leaders to exchange knowledge and develop creative responses to emerging urban governance challenges. In addition to a series of ‘learn and do’ activities to generate primary data, the project will also promote live debates, online communities and learning exchange visits within the UK and internationally. This will enable critical reflection on how to organise knowledge better to make positive urban transformations happen that are inclusive and equitable.

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Beth Perry (Principal Investigator)
Catherine Durose (Co-Investigator)
Terrence Fernando (Digital Advisor)
Tim May (Methodological Advisor)
Elizabeth Richardson (Co-Investigator)
Bertie Russell (Research Associate)
Vicky Simpson (Project Officer)
Alexander Whinnom (Co-Investigator)

Development of an Action Research Cooperative (ARC) in Greater Manchester.

Establishment of a extensive network of national organisations and international contacts.

Launch of a series of ‘learn and do’ events, including field trips, seminars and a major conference.

Methodological issues and emotional labour in co-produced research
29 January 2019

What does everyday politics look like?
16 January 2019

Craft metrics to value coproduction
16 October 2018

Video of Action Research Collective field visit to What Works Scotland
21 September 2018

Rethinking state-civil society partnerships: is the new VCSE sector accord a game changer for Greater Manchester?
11 January 2018

8 lessons from Barcelona En Comu on how to take back control
23 March 2017

Mapping participatory urban governance: A call for contributions
9 February 2017

Jam and justice: Co-producing urban governance for social innovation
2 February 2017

From the ARC projects:

An Inquiry into the Challenge of Care at Home
Inquiry participants with Jez Hall, Amanda Preece, Jayne McFadyen, and Katie Finney. Greater Manchester: Shared Future CIC for Jam & Justice, Autumn 2018.

Everyday Politics
Aba Graham, Daniel Nkrumah, Saraswati Sinha, Elaine Unegbu, Jane Gregory, Nidhi Minocha, Pete Simms, Tony Wright and Steven Calver, with Catherine Durose, Dan Silver, Sarah Whitehead, Julie Asumu, and Amanda Bickerton.
Greater Manchester: Jam & Justice, December 2018.

GM Energy Futures 2020-2035: Municipal Energy Scenarios Explored
Jonathan Atkinson, Britt Jurgensen and Hannah Knox, with Ben Aylott, Bertie Russell, Laura Williams, and Matt Fawcett.
Greater Manchester: Carbon Co-op and Energy Democracy GM for Jam & Justice with assistance from the Seedbed Trust. March 2018.

Life Lessons
The Jam and Justice Group.
Greater Manchester: The Children’s Society and Jam & Justice, March 2019.

Life Lessons: Technical Appendix
Dan Silver, Suraya Skelland, Natalie Hindson, Joanne Hunt, Paul Maher, and Beth Perry.
Sheffield: Jam & Justice, March 2019.

People’s Procurement: Jam & Justice: co-producing urban governance for social innovation.
Greater Manchester: CLES, October 2018.

Space in Common: Key Messages
Sheffield: The Democratic Society and Jam & Justice, July 2019.

Testing the 21st Century Councillor Framework
Sheffield: North West Employers and Jam & Justice, July 2019.

See also the summary: Councillors and Communities.
Jam & Justice and North West Employers
Sheffield: Jam & Justice, March 2019.

Transform GM: A Pilot Study of the Social & Solidarity Economy in Greater Manchester
Bertie Russell and Benjamin Lear.
Greater Manchester: Jam & Justice, January 2019.

General publications

Co-production in action (summary flyer)
The Action Research Collective

Co-producing the City
Beth Perry, Bert Russell, Catherine Durose, Liz Richardson, Alex Whinnom, and ARC participants. In Impact, February 2019, pp. 43-40.

Craft Metrics to Value Co-Production
Catherine Durose, Liz Richardson, and Beth Perry.
Nature 562, pp. 32-33 (2018).