Development Frontiers in Crime, Livelihoods and Urban Poverty in Nigeria (FCLP)

Duration: 01/18 - 02/19

Conventional analyses of crime, based on European research models, are often poorly suited to assessing the specific dimensions of criminality in Africa. Development Frontiers in Crime, Livelihoods and Urban Poverty in Nigeria (FCLP) aims to provide an alternative framework for understanding the specific drivers of criminality in a West African urban context.

Employing a mixed-methods approach combining statistical modeling, geovisualisation and ethnography, the project situates insecurity and crime against a broader backdrop of rapid urban growth, seasonal migration, youth unemployment and informality. The study will provide researchers both in Nigeria and internationally with a richer and more nuanced evidence base on the particular dynamics of crime in African cities.

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James Cheshire (Principal Investigator, Associate Professor)
Adamu Ahmed (Coordinator of Centre for Spatial Information Services)
Tatiana Thieme (Lecturer in Human Geography)
Faisal Umar (Lecturer)

• Collation of a wide ranging statistical and ethnographic evidence base on crime and informality in a case study Nigerian city.

• Range of collaborative partner activities including exchange workshops and reciprocal researcher visits.

• Dissemination of findings through project reports and a research blog.

The rainy season is burglary season
28 March 2019

Mitigating crime through alternative sources of income and side hustle
27 March 2019

Rise of informal security providers in Kaduna
26 March 2019