Millennial Talent in the Northern Powerhouse

This event on 28 September explores what the skills, interests and talents of the millennial generation mean for its future. Will the values of millennials change encourage a shift to a generative, circular economy? What are millennials doing to build an economy that works for people in the North? What talents are concentrated in the North and how will this shift as automation changes the labour market?

With a focus on civil society, our panel will explore these issues and how community initiatives are responding to the challenges that beset ‘The Northern Powerhouse’. In this interactive session we’ll be asking the big questions about what devolution, co-production, cities, citizenry, democracy, and regional talent mean for the millennial generation.

In advance of the discussion the organisers are crowdsourcing questions for the panel: questions can be submitted via the registration page. Panel participants include Nicola Headlam, Neil McInroy, Clare Devaney and Kathryn Cheetham.

More information on the event and how to register is available here.