Nicola Headlam

Knowledge Exchange Research Fellow

Dr Nicola Headlam is the Urban Transformations & Foresight Future of Cities Knowledge Exchange Research Fellow, funded by the ESRC. She is an adaptable urbanist with expertise in city governance, economic development and urban policy and is an experienced researcher. Her core research interests include; the role of public agencies in place, specifically sub-national spatial and urban policy and the role of leadership and partnerships. Nicola is passionate about role of universities in public policy and practice, knowledge mobilisation; transfer, exchange and co-production, and is a founding member of the Urbanista UK network for women involved in positive urban change.

The Knowledge Exchange Fellowship offers the chance of linking across the Urban Transformations portfolio to the Foresight Future of Cities programme run by the Government Office for Science within the Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

She is to be found (often) tweeting as @networknicola, has been running the @utconnect twitter handle and on