Methodological Issues and Emotional Labour in Co-Produced Research – a post-doc workshop

The Jam and Justice project, together with the Sheffield Methods Institute, the Urban Institute, Mistra Urban Futures and partners in Birmingham and Manchester, is hosting a one and a half day workshop for post-doc and early career researchers on ‘Methodological Issues and Emotional Labour in Co-Produced Research‘ on 4 – 5 December 2018 at the University of Sheffield.

For those interested in attending the event,  please contact Amy Clare, Sheffield Methods Institute ( More details of the event can be found here.

This workshop, taking place over one and a half days, is for post-doctoral early career researchers in universities who engage in co-produced research with varying external partners and pursue different topics. The focus is upon learning from practice through discussion. There will be a maximum of twenty-five attendees to allow for participation and you are asked to prepare short presentations in smaller groups on the first day (please see below the questions for orientation).

The workshop is jointly organised by the Sheffield Methods and the Urban Institute and the Jam and Justice Project (ESRC), with partners in Birmingham and Manchester Universities, as well as Mistra Urban Futures. For those who cannot obtain funding from their institutions or grant awarding bodies, it is possible to apply for a maximum £50 bursary towards travel and accommodation. Aside from lunch on the first day and refreshments, the workshop will also provide a dinner on the 4 December for all participants to attend.

When applying for the workshop please include the following: your name; full contact details; date of obtaining your PhD; institutional affiliation; the topic of your research; the partners with whom you work; your sources of funding and if you wish to apply for a £50 bursary.