Urban Africa Risk Knowledge (ARK)

Funded period: 01/15 - 01/18
Grant value: £3,329,190
Lead institution: King's College London
PI: Mark Pelling

In the context of rapid and often unplanned growth, many African cities face the prospect of increased disaster risk, particularly the urban poor. Urban African Risk Knowledge (Urban ARK) is a three-year programme focusing on six cities in sub-Saharan Africa – Dakar (Senegal), Ibadan (Nigeria), Karonga (Malawi), Mombasa (Kenya), Nairobi (Kenya) and Niamey (Niger) – that explores the relationship between natural hazards in urban areas and social vulnerabilities such as inadequate housing, lack of sanitation and crime. The findings will support policy makers in the six study areas and cities elsewhere in the region to anticipate and respond to future environment threats.

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