Ways of Neighbourhood Working and Knowing

Duration: 12/14 - 11/16

Ways of Neighbourhood Working and Knowing aims to fill the gap between disciplines, particularly economics, law, planning and arts and humanities as well as engaging directly with user groups throughout the programme. Putting neighbourhoods – their ways of working and of knowing – at the heart of this series, and bringing diverse disciplinary approaches and epistemologies to bear, corresponds with the ways in which our user groups work.

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Antonia Layard (Principal Investigator, Professor of Law)
Sue Brownill (Reader in Urban Policy and Governance)
Simin Davoudi (Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning)
Helen Graham (Research Fellow in Tangible and Intangible Heritage)
Kate Pahl (Professor in Literacies in Education)
Craig Watkins (Professor in Town and Regional Planning)

Series of expert seminars on neighbourhood planning and community participation.

Development of database of relevant academics, doctoral researchers and practitioners for engagement.

Dissemination of research findings and audio-visual material to policy makers, local organisations and other stakeholders.

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