Urban Education Live (UEL)

Duration: 07/17 – 06/20

The complex demands of urban communities today require stronger collaboration between different stakeholders to support innovation and inclusion. Urban Education Live (UEL) aims to promote partnerships and knowledge exchange through a consortium of academic organisations, NGOs and civic groups based in Finland, Romania, Slovenia and the UK. Through local hubs and other platforms, the project will enable capacity development, skill sharing and learning to enable the design of creative bottom-up solutions for specific urban contexts.

The UK research team, based in Sheffield, will be working with local organizations to map areas of cooperation and through workshops, focus group sessions and other forms of outreach in selected neighbourhoods will garner valuable insights on how city strategies can coproduced. The findings will have important implications not only in the case study city but across the UK and Europe for authorities struggling with the impacts of austerity and funding cuts.

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Tatjana Schneider (Principal Investigator, Senior Lecturer)
Carolyn Butterworth (Senior University Teacher)

Creation of a network of partners in Finland, Romania, Slovenia and the UK for knowledge exchange and skill sharing.

Establishment of two local hubs in neighbourhoods in Sheffield to engage local communities in planning, participation and knowledge exchange.

Compilation of findings from different projects into a ‘Dynamic Archive’ of tools and best practices, to be disseminated through publications and events.