UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE)

Duration: 06/17 – 05/22

With supply shortages, lack of affordability and rising levels of homelessness, housing has become an increasingly acute concern across the UK. The UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) therefore aims to support local and national policy development by serving as a knowledge exchange hub.

Based in Glasgow but with five additional focal points across the country, CaCHE spans a diverse range of academic, public and private sector stakeholders to work in partnership to share research, skills and insights. By bringing together a range of professional perspectives, it will provide a unique platform for the generation of multi-dimensional solutions to the UK’s housing challenges.

Through a range of activities including conferences, seminars, research dissemination and high-level engagement with policy makers, the centre will help shape the design of innovative housing solutions in the UK.

Creation of a multidisciplinary network of stakeholders, with regional presences across the UK.

Promotion of collaboration and co-production through extensive knowledge exchange and consensus building between different academic and non-academic stakeholders.

Dissemination of findings through a range of publications and other outputs, including briefings, blogs, podcasts, seminars, conferences and workshops.