The Economic Impacts of Brexit on the UK, its Regions, its Cities and its Sectors

Duration: 04/17 - 03/19

The implications of Brexit on local economies are likely to be particularly significant in many of the areas that voted most strongly for it. Developing a robust response to this period of change requires a detailed understanding of which cities, regions and sectors will be most vulnerable and tailoring targeted strategies to help navigate these pressures.

The Economic Impacts of Brexit on the UK, its Regions, its Cities and its Sectors seeks to develop an expansive evidence base on potential effects of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU through a range of data sources. By combining the most authoritative quantitative data available with qualitative interviews and workshops with key urban and regional stakeholders, the research will help develop a deeper understanding among policy makers and local authorities to inform their responses to the different challenges they may face.

Raquel Ortega-Argilés (Principal Investigator, Chair in Regional Economic Development)
Franciscus Gustaaf Van Oort (Academic Director)
Nicola Cortinovis (Assistant Professor)
Bart Los (Professor)
Philip McCann (Chair in Urban and Regional Economics)
Marcus Josephus Thissen

• Development of extensive quantitative database assessing impacts of Brexit across the UK, in different regions and as in a range of scenarios.
• In-depth qualitative analysis of projected outcomes with regional and urban stakeholders through workshops and other forms of engagement.
• Communication and dissemination of findings in accessible formats to policy makers, government, local authorities and other key actors.