The choreography of everyday multiculture: Bowling together?

Duration: 01/15 – 12/17

The Choreography of Everyday Multiculture: Bowling Together? explores how the social dynamics of a heterogenous and fast-evolving area of London are played out in one of its leisure spaces, a local bowling alley. Connected to the wider world through histories of migration and economic change, this shared public place offers an illuminating perspective on broader social interaction and divisions in the city.

Like other parts of London, the neighbourhood has been shaped not only by a multi-cultural population but also more recent gentrification. These and other factors in turn shape the behaviours and social negotiations of different groups as they interact in the space of the bowling alley.

Through interviews with local users and a range of participatory research methods, the project will provide a detailed portrait of a diverse population shaped by transnational forces of societal change. Besides academic publications and reports, a documentary and an interactive web platform will be produced to engage a wide audience with the findings.

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Emma Jackson (Principal Investigator, Lecturer)

Participatory research in case study area, including interviews and participant observation.

Engagement of a broad range of stakeholders in locality, including councils, community groups and civil society organisations.

Production of academic publications, a short documentary and a interactive platform to engage a wide audience.