Super-diverse Streets: Economies and Spaces of Urban Migration in UK Cities

Duration: 01/15 - 10/17

Cities in the UK are being continuously reshaped by migration. Super-diverse Streets: Economies and Spaces of Urban Migration in UK Cities, a three-year comparative research project, explores the effects of these changes on high streets across the country.

Focusing on Birmingham, Bristol, Leicester, London and Manchester, the research will involve a detailed survey of traders in selected areas and the complex interaction of their diverse backgrounds with local businesses and public space. Primary data will be gathered through extended field research in each area, including focus group discussions with local authority officials, trade association representatives and other stakeholders. These will be conducted in collaboration with Social Life, an organisation specializing in community research and participation.

The project aims to improve current understanding of the impact of migration and diversity on local UK high streets to inform future policy-making. At a wider level, the findings will also shed light on the many ways that migration is altering the physical, social and economic lives of cities across the country.

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Suzi Hall (Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor and Senior Research Associate)
Robin Finlay (Researcher)
Julia King (Researcher)

Extensive primary data collection in selected high streets through socio-economic surveys, GIS spatial mapping and focus group discussions.

Public engagement through multi-stakeholder seminars, blogs, articles and user friendly data visualisation.

Development of a policy-relevant database on urban diversity and migration, disseminated through publications, public events and the project website.

Super-diverse streets data profiles: ethnicity, economy and migration

Recognising the UK’s ‘super-diverse street’ – an interview with Suzanne Hall

Mooring “supverdiversity” to a brutal migration milieu