STEPS (Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability) Centre

Duration: 01/18 - 12/21

The STEPS (Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability) Centre is a collaborative, multidisciplinary consortium with hubs in Africa, China, Europe, Latin America, North America and South Asia. Focusing on a range of research areas, including urbanisation, energy, food and health, it aims to promote transformative pathways to sustainability through network development and knowledge exchange.

The Centre’s work focuses in particular on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with a long-term plan to continue its operations until 2030. The urban component of its work currently spans a number of countries, encompassing air pollution, peri-urbanisation and other issues.

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Ian Scoones (Principal Investigator, Research Fellow)
Fiona Marshall (Professor of Environment and Development)
Cosmas Milton Obote Ochieng (Executive Director)
Marina Apgar (Research Fellow)
Ajit Menon (Guest Teacher)
Rose Cairns (Research Fellow)
Saurabh Arora (Senior Lecturer in Technology and Innovation for Development)
Andy Stirling (Professor of Science and Technology Policy)
David Ockwell (Professor of Geography)
Jeremy Lind (Research Fellow)
Vijayabaskar Manimegalai
Lyla Mehta (Professorial Fellow)
Adrian Ely (Senior Lecturer in Science Policy Research Unit)
Shilpi Srivastava (Research Fellow)
Amber Huff (Research Fellow)
Lars Otto Naess (Research Fellow)
Nathan Oxley (Impact Communications and Engagement Officer)

• Creation of six multidisciplinary research hubs, based in Europe, China, Africa, Latin America, North America, China and South Asia.
• Variety of knowledge exchange and learning platforms, including summer schools, e-portals and teaching curricula.
• Dissemination of findings through articles, publications, books, blogs and social media.

Cities, uncertainty and climate change
8 May 2019

Democratising public health and urban sustainability: How can nexus framings be useful?
6 November 2018