Security on the Move: Everyday Security of IDPs in Rapidly Growing Somali Cities

Duration: 10/17 – 03/19

While the interplay between violent conflict and drought in Somalia is a central driver of internal displacement in the country, the resulting in-migration to cities creates further pressures on urban and rural environments. Security on the Move: Everyday Security of IDPs in Rapidly Growing Somali Cities focuses on the situation of these vulnerable groups forcibly displaced to urban areas elsewhere and the challenges they face.

Focusing not only on larger centres (Mogadishu and Hargeisa) but also on secondary cities (Baidoa and Bosasso) with very different dynamics at play, the projects employs a range of innovative research methodologies to capture the perspectives of internally displaced Somalis themselves on the difficulties they face. Besides providing these overlooked groups with a platform to express their experiences, the findings will also provide national and international humanitarian organisations with a clearer picture of the specific needs they face.

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Jutta Bakonyi (Principal Investigator, Associate Professor in Conflict and Development)
Abdirahman Edle Ali (Research Coordinator, Sowelpa)
Peter Chonka (Post-Doctoral Research Associate)
Kirsti Stuvoey (Associate Professor)

Comparative field research on the situation of displaced in-migrants in four case study urban areas (Mogadishu, Hargeisa, Baidoa and Bosasso).

Use of innovative research methodologies such as photo-voice to enable vulnerable groups to share their perspectives on insecurity and other issues.

Dissemination of findings to national and international humanitarian providers.

Security on the Move photo exhibition
January – April 2019