Reuniting planning and health: Tackling the implementation gaps in evidence, governance and knowledge

Duration: 12/14 – 06/17

Urban planning and health outcomes in cities are closely interlinked, with environmental factors such as sanitation, air quality and green space all acting as important determinants of physical and mental wellbeing. Despite this, however, the two disciplines have developed in distinct ways and lack a shared evidence base.

Reuniting Planning and Health: Tackling the Implementation Gaps in Evidence, Governance and Knowledge therefore aims to support closer collaboration between health and planning professionals through an innovative seminar series that brings together leading academics and practitioners. The series covers a range of critical considerations, including the integration of public health evidence into planning processes, the features of governance of health and planning and the development of a shared knowledge base.

Working with a range of national and international stakeholders, the project will not only engage closely with local authorities and government bodies to ensure impact within the UK but also disseminate its findings to a wider audience of international researchers.

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Laurence Carmichael (Principal Investigator, Senior Lecturer)
Ann Marie Connolly (Director of Public Health)
Tim Townshend (Profesor of Urban Design for Health)
Thomas Fischer (Professor)
Karen Lock (Professor of Public Health)
David Sweeting (Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies)

Series of seminars bringing together leading academics and practitioners in healthy planning.

Engagement of a variety of local partners in research design and training.

Wider dissemination and knowledge exchange through WHO Health Cities programme, Public Health England, TCPA.

A Cross-Sector Approach to Creating Healthy Cities
1 November 2016

Reuniting the Evidence Base for Health and Planning – Lessons from an ESRC Seminar Series
November 2016

Reuniting Health and Planning in the Context of NHS Healthy Towns
10 August 2017

Carmichael, L. (2017), ‘Healthy cities: The evidence and what to do with it‘, Urban Design, 142, pp.20-22.

Carmichael, L. and Townshend, T. and Lock, K. and Fischer, T. and Sweeting, D. and Petrokofsky, C. (2017) ‘Reuniting planning and health: Tackling the implementation gaps in evidence, governance and knowledge.’