Misty: Migration, Transformation and Sustainability

Duration: 12/18 – 11/21

While there is widespread discussion of both sustainability and migration, with the latter focused particularly on the potentially destabilising impacts of unmanaged movement, there is little understanding on the connections between the two. Misty: Migration, Transformation and Sustainability seeks to explore the ways that migration interacts with sustainability concerns in destination cities, with an emphasis on the unrecognised benefits that it can bring.

Drawing on research in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia, the global focus of this project will support the emergence of a more empathetic and evidence-based approach to migration management in cities. While migration is frequently presented in terms of threat or crisis, this research will draw out the substantial opportunities it presents to strengthen urban sustainability.

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Neil Adger (Principal Investigator, Professor of Human Geography)
Tasneem Arefa Siddiqui (Professor)
Ricardo Safra De Campos (Associate Research Fellow)

  • Engagement of migrant populations through participatory methods including photo elicitation.
  • Facilitation of knowledge exchange and partnership development between migrant populations, planners and local officials.
  • Dissemination of findings on links between migration and sustainability to a wide range of local and international stakeholders.