International Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF)

Duration: 06/13 - 04/17

The International Centre for Infrastructure Futures (ICIF), a consortium of researchers and academic organisations, has been set up with £3.4 million of ESRC funding to support research on the continued development of innovative, world-class infrastructure services in the UK.

One of the main barriers to the improvement of the country’s existing infrastructure is the limited opportunity for different sectors to share knowledge or identify potential areas of overlap. Given the strong interdependencies that exist in urban contexts, collaboration among a range of stakeholders is crucial to develop more resilient and cost effective systems. ICIF therefore offers a platform for experts in social studies, engineering, policy and industry to develop ways forward.

By promoting public dialogue, cross-cutting research and discussion between academics, industry representatives and other stakeholders, ICIF will encourage the development of sustainable and competitive models. This will help ensure the UK continues to be a global leader in delivering high quality services for domestic and international markets.

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Brian Collins (Principal Investigator, Professor of Engineering Policy)
AbuBakar Bahaj (Personal Chair of Sustainable Energy)
Timothy Brady (Profesor in Innovation)
Ruth Deakin-Crick (Reader in Systems Learning and Leadership)
Andrew Davies (Professor in the Management of Projects)
Harry Dimitriou (Professor of Planning Studies)
Andrew Edkins (Senior Lecturer)
Raul Fuentes (Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering)
Taku Fujiyama (Lecturer)
Patrick Godfrey (Systems Programme Director)
Julien J. Harou (Honorary Professor of Water Management)
Paul Jeffrey (Professor of Water Management)
Nick Jennings (Regius Professor of Computer Science)
Simon Jude (Lecturer)
Wendy Larner (Honorary Professor of Geographical Sciences)
Francesca Medda (Professor in Transport and Infrastructure Studies)
Paul Nightingale (Professor of Strategy)
Simon Pollard (Pro-Vice Chancellor, Energy, Environment and Agrifood)
Sarvapali Ramchurn (Researcher in Agents, Interaction and Complexity)
David Richards (Professor in Ground Engineering)
Colin Taylor (Professor of Earthquake Engineering)
Nick Tyler (Chadwick Chair of Civil Engineering)
Liz Varga (Director of Complex Systems Research Centre)
Michael Yearworth (Reader in Engineering Systems)

Creation of a cross-disciplinary centre of excellence with social researchers, engineers and policy makers specialising in infrastructure and business.

Engagement of utilities, companies and communities to support the development of innovative business models and more efficient service delivery.

Promotion of wider public discussions on infrastructure and sustainability in the UK.