i-BUILD: Infrastructure BUsiness models, valuation and Innovation for Local Delivery

Duration: 08/13 - 03/18

New technologies and changing lifestyles are reshaping the way that we use everyday services such as energy and transport – yet infrastructure is often slow to adapt. i-BUILD: Infrastructure BUsiness models, valuation and Innovation for Local Delivery brings together a range of expertise in economics, engineering and social sciences to bridge this gap.

By focusing on infrastructure networks at the levels of towns and city neighbourhoods, the project seeks to identify shared dependencies between different sectors and promote more flexible, efficient delivery systems. The tools developed by its researchers during the project will also be tested out in case study locations, with the participation of key stakeholders, to deliver tangible benefits to services in these areas.

By integrating different aspects of service use, with a particular emphasis on long-term values that may not be considered in current cost assessments, i-BUILD will help guide public bodies, industries and other stakeholders in developing more innovative business models.

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Richard Dawson (Principal Investigator and Director)
Andrew Brown (Senior Lecturer in Economics)
John Bryson (Professor of Enterprise and Competitiveness)
Stephanie Glendinning (Professor of Civil Engineering)
Andy Pike (Professor of Local and Regional Development)
Phil Purnell (Professor of Materials and Structures)
Chris Rogers (Professor of Geotechnical Engineering)
Dr Claire Walsh (Research Fellow)

Establishment of a multi-disciplinary research centre on infrastructure with expertise in social sciences, economics and engineering.

Development of a range of innovative tools and models to assess value, shared dependencies and integrated implementation strategies.

Training and dissemination of findings through workshops, seminars and secondments with industry and academic stakeholders.