Euro-China GE: Dynamics of Green Growth in European and Chinese Cities (DRAGON)

Duration: 03/15 – 02/18

Green growth, combining environmental protection with economic growth, is central to ensuring a future that is both prosperous and sustainable. Cities, where much of the world’s energy consumption and carbon emissions are concentrated, have an essential role to play in achieving this.

Euro-China GE: Dynamics of Green Growth in European and Chinese Cities (DRAGON) brings together a range of multidisciplinary expertise to explore the dynamics of carbon emissions in cities. From resource efficiency and technological innovation to institutional reform and economic incentives, it also aims to identify how green growth in urban areas can be promoted.

Working with a wide range of local, national and international partners, the project will develop a robust evidence base on the effectiveness of different interventions on green growth in cities. The findings will support the development of more competitive and resource efficient urban development in China, Europe and worldwide.

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Dabo Guan (Principal Investigator, Professor in Climate Change Economics)
Benjamin Best
Stefan Bringezu (Director)
Andrew Gouldson (Professor of Environmental Policy)
Xia-Bauer Chun (Project Coordinator)
Manfred Fischedick (Vice-President)
Huanan Li (Assistant Professor)
Qiaomei Liang (Professor)
Magdolna Prantner (Research Fellow)
Mathieu Saurat (Research Fellow)
Ralf Schüle (Co-Director)
Amandine Toussaint (Research Associate)
Daniel Vallentin (Head Berlin Office and Project Coordinator)
Vincent Viguié (Researcher)
Lutao Zhao

Establishment of an extensive network of partner organisations to co-produce knowledge on green growth.

Engagement of a wide range of stakeholders through events, workshops and other activities to share learning.

Broader dissemination of findings to media, practitioners and policy makers.

Monitoring CO2 emissions in China’s cities
10 November 2017