Digital City Exchange

Duration: 09/11 – 09/17

The potential of digital technologies to improve the performance of cities in areas such as water, energy, transport and waste management is enormous. Digital City Exchange, an ambitious 5-year project established with £5.9 million of joint funding from ESRC, EPSRC, AHRC and MRC, will help cities function more effectively through integrated, cross-sectoral information sharing.

Using a range of cutting-edge data collection and modeling tools, the researchers aim to promote knowledge sharing and integration between public utilities and other organisations. The project outputs will provide local businesses, urban planners and other stakeholders with tools to develop technologically advanced ‘smart’ systems in their cities, in the process reducing inefficiencies such as traffic congestion or power cuts.

Besides disseminating the outputs through publications, workshops and public events, the project investigators will also be working closely with industry stakeholders to ensure the findings are translated into tangible improvements in urban management.

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David Gann (Principal Investigator, Vice President of Development and Innovation)
Erkko Autio (Chair in Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship)
Yike Guo (Professor of Computing Science)
Chris Hankin (Director)
Jonathan Haskel (Chair in Economics)
Thomas Hoehn (Research Fellow)
Aija Leiponen (Associate Professor)
Nick Leon (Head of Programme)
Ritsuko Ozaki (Senior Research Fellow)
John Polak (Professor of Transport Demand)
Nilay Shah (Professor of Process Systems Engineering)
Goran Strbac (Chair in Electrical Energy Systems)
Eric Yeatman (Professor of Micro-Engineering)

Pioneering research on cross-sectoral data in energy, transport, waste and utilities, to support the integration of urban data flows.

Dissemination of findings through publications, workshops and public events, with multi-stakeholder partnerships to support improvements in urban management.