Centre for Sustainable, Healthy, and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods (SHLC)

Duration: 10/17 – 12/21

While urbanisation can drive poverty reduction in developing countries, in a context of rapid and inequitable growth many cities have seen certain groups, such as rural to urban migrants, increasingly marginalised from public services and other benefits. The Centre for Sustainable, Healthy, and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods (SHLC) brings together researchers from Asia, Africa and the UK to develop an ambitious programme of research on how migration and other socio-economic changes are now shaping the lived experience of urban residents.

Focusing on 14 case studies in countries across Rwanda (Kigali and Butare), South Africa (Cape Town and Johannesburg), Tanzania (Dar Es Salaam and Ifakara), Bangladesh (Dhaka and Khulna), China (Chongqing and Datong), India (Delhi and Madurai) and the Philippines (Manila and Batangas), the project will establish a multi-disciplinary international consortium to enable capacity building, knowledge exchange and partnership development. In particular, the teams will examine the intersection between health, education and urban resilience, with an emphasis on urban neighbourhoods that have not traditionally attracted attention in international research.

The findings will strengthen the current knowledge base on the interaction between quality of life, public services and sustainability in newly emerging urban communities in Africa and Asia.

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Ya Ping Wang (Principal Investigator, Chair of Global City Futures)
Nelson Ijumba (Deputy Vice Chancellor)
Tao Sun (Lecturer)
Jing Yao (Lecturer)
Keith Kintrea (Professor of Urban Studies and Housing)
David Everatt (Head of School)
Amini Kamete (Senior Lecturer in Spatial Planning)
Rich Mitchell (Professor)
Shilpi Roy (Assistant Professor)
Mario Ramos delos Reyes (Dean)
Deo Jaganyi (Director of Research and Innovation)
Debolina Kundu (Associate Professor)
Michele Schweisfurth (Professor)
Gemma Todd (Research Scientist)
Ivan Turok (Executive Director)
Michael Osborne (Professor)

  • Creation of a multi-disciplinary urban research centre and consortium, spanning seven countries in partnership with UK academics .
  • Comparative research in 14 cities in Africa (Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania) and Asia (Bangladesh, China, India and the Philippines) on health, education and wellbeing in a variety of urban neighbourhoods.
  • Capacity building and networking with research teams and partner institutions, policy makers, NGOs and private sector actors.

Studying cities from the inside out: Why partnership and interdisciplinarity matters
5 February 2019