Research for impact? Shaping and influencing regional and urban policy

2020 RSA Student and Early Career Conference: 13.00 24 March 2020 – 16.00 25 March 2020

Abstract submission deadline: 9th February 2020

This event is the RSA’s inaugural carbon choice conference allowing both attendance in person at Staffordshire University and also remote, virtual participation from your own location. The development of this conference recognises the environmental impact and social, financial and opportunity costs of travelling to conferences.

The conference will give students and early career researchers* the opportunity to network, collaborate and socialise with others in the fields of regional and urban studies, planning, geography, politics, development studies, economics and related disciplines.

This new style event is something of an experiment and the RSA is pleased to partner with leading digital learning provider Staffordshire University using the Staffordshire Business School’s state of the art facilities trialling the technologies permitting real time interventions across several workshops. Participants will find a multi-disciplinary, welcoming, supportive and stimulating environment.

Training areas addressed will include aspects of academic publishing, winning funding and top tips for managing research projects in early career, how to optimise impact from your research, how to prepare for appointment and promotion panels and how to negotiate pay rises.

More information on the event and how to apply is available here.