PEAK Urban workshop: Data science for development

This one day PEAK Urban workshop, ‘Data science for development’, on 16 Marcy 2020 in London, is designed to bring together data scientists and development experts from both the academic and public/NGO sector to explore how advanced quantitative techniques might be deployed to tackle urgent development challenges.

PEAK Urban arise welcoming submissions (short talks and posters) showcasing applications of data science for development or highlighting development challenges where data science might be deployed. Please submit a short abstract/summary (300-500 words plus up to one graphic) by 31 January 2020 to apply for either a short presentation or a poster. Please indicate in the submission (i) if you are applying for a talk only, (ii) if you are applying for a talk but willing to present a poster if there are no more spaces for talks, or (iii) if you only wish to present a poster.

The Call for Papers can be found at

Book for the event here

More information is available on the PEAK Urban website.