The DEPICT project presents research on walking and cycling

The DePICT project has concluded its research into ‘DEsigning and Policy Implementation for Encouraging Cycling and Walking Trips’ with the publication of its new Policy Brief entitled “Working for Grassroots Walking and Cycling Projects in London: Why and How”. The briefing describes:

  1. what grassroots or citizen-led walking and cycling projects are,
  2. why they deserve to be supported, and
  3. what form support might take.

TSU researcher and co-author of the Policy Brief, Denver Nixon, comments: “In our recommendations, which have been developed together with research participants, we concentrate on the importance of providing durable physical locations and financial support for grassroots walking and cycling projects. We believe that the recommendations derived from the research are not only applicable in London but are of relevance to policymakers, charities, NGOs and other organisations across the UK. ”

Researchers from the University of Oxford have collaborated with colleagues in Utrecht University, the Netherlands and the University of São Paulo, Brazil since 2015. For the research conducted at Oxford qualitative methods were used. These predominantly consisted of in-depth interviews with leaders, staff and volunteers and beneficiaries of grassroots walking and cycling projects in London and São Paulo.