Open Research Area (ORA) for the Social Sciences 2019: Pre-Call Announcement

The partners for the Open Research Area (ORA) are pleased to announce their sixth joint call for proposals due to open Spring 2019. This notice is being issued now to allow interested researchers to begin discussions with potential research partners in advance of the formal call for proposals.

The upcoming call will follow a two-stage procedure consisting of an outline proposal and a full proposal. Applicants who are successful at outline will automatically progress to full stage. Unlike the previous round, applicants will be invited to submit outline and full proposals at the same time, rather than waiting for the results of the outline stage.

The full call for proposals will be announced in April 2019 on the websites of the participating funding organisations. The closing date for proposals is expected to be the end of July 2019. The full call specification and associated documentation, including commissioning timetable, will be provided when the call is officially launched. No additional information about the full call can be provided in advance of its publication.

More information is available here.