2019 Realising Just Cities Conference: Lessons, Impacts and Outcomes

The rapidly growing number of people moving into cities all over the world presents a challenge of unprecedented size. It is crucial to find ways to make urbanisation a source for wealth, health and sustainability – which is shared. With this in mind, the 4th Annual Realising Just Cities Conference focuses on lessons, impacts and outcomes from the work of the Mistra Urban Futures programme. The event will take place on 15 October 2019 in Sheffield. The event is free but those wishing to attend should register by 16 September. More information on the event and how to register is available here.

The Centre has sought to co-produce knowledge and action to support sustainable urban development across cities in the Global North and South, working through Local Interaction Platforms and other forms of partnerships that bring together researchers from different stakeholders in transdisciplinary teams. The Centre’s international comparative projects focus on issues such as city governance and participation, cultural heritage, migration, sustainable urban development, urban food systems, transport, waste management, public finance, and knowledge transfer. The conference will also offer an opportunity to find out more about local work in our individual city contexts.