A new book series on the challenges facing today’s cities

Urban Transformations has recently organised a number of workshops across the world on the key challenges facing cities in different regions, including in Brazil (November 2017) and South Africa (January 2018), with a forthcoming event in China in May 2018. This has provided the opportunity for leading researchers and practitioners in different disciplines to together explore some of the most pressing urban challenges – and will form the basis for an exciting series of publications drawing on the discussions.

Research and metropolitan health in unequal cities’ had participants presenting their findings on a range of areas including mental health and public health in relation to transport, security, food systems, and gender-based violence.  Following on from this, ‘Cities in transition: unequal innovation in African cities’ examined how a legacy of racial exclusion and social inequality in South Africa and other countries in the region has resulted in continued inequalities in many aspects of urban life. The final event will take place in China.

In partnership with Manchester University Press, Urban Transformations will be producing a series of edited books with contributions from presenters from each workshop outlining their key findings, with the aim of providing concrete solutions to the problems facing today’s cities.

For more information, please contact Andreza de Souza Santos at andreza.desouzasantos@compas.ox.ac.uk.