ESRC Future Cities Catapult Partnership Mid-career Fellowship

The ESRC is developing a wide ranging agenda for research and knowledge exchange in the area of Cities and Urban Transformations. This is to critically assess and understand the impact and significance of cities research and urban transformations for the welfare and wellbeing of urban citizens across the globe. Where appropriate, we will work in collaboration with other relevant organisations that share a mutual interest in these urban issues.

The ESRC is therefore delighted to invite Expressions of Interest for a collaborative Mid-career Fellowship in partnership with the Future Cities Catapult.

The Fellow will primarily assist the Future Cities Catapult’s work on market enablement for innovation in integrated urban systems. It will bring to bear relevant research in the social and economic disciplines to address the Future Cities Catapult’s objectives of unlocking finance, developing investable propositions and breaking down market barriers for the uptake of integrated urban systems.

The Fellow will be expected to focus on the development of potential links and partnerships between the Catapult and the ESRC portfolio of activities in Urban Transformations and the Urban Living initiative that draws together the interest of the Research Councils and Innovate UK.

Funding is available to support one Fellow working for a period of between 12 and 18 months with a time commitment between 50 per cent and 80 per cent FTE. The maximum amount available for the Fellowship will be £135,000 at 100 per cent of full economic cost (fEC). Consistent with the Research Councils’ arrangements for fEC, the partners will contribute 80 per cent of the costs (ie up to £108,000) and the remaining balance must be guaranteed by the Fellow’s Research Organisation.

How to apply