Global Urban Transformations – An Innovative New Series on Cities Worldwide

We live in an era when numerically the greatest number of people moving to cities are in the parts of the globe normally characterised as the global south. It is also the case that in recent years much of the most interesting, innovative and insightful work around contemporary urbanisms has addressed the global condition through a disposition that speaks internationally both from and to this new cartography.

With this in mind, inn 2018 the Urban Transformations programme signed an agreement with Manchester University Press (MUP) to launch an innovative new book series, Global Urban Transformations, that aims to address the causes, dynamics and understandings of global urban transformation in the twenty-first century. The series editors, Michael Keith and Sue Parnell, wished to reflect and capture these realities through new voices that might articulate and curate these new realities through fresh lenses.

The first two volumes, edited by Michael Keith and Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos, are being launched in 2020:

  • Urban Transformations and Public Health in the Emergent City: this is the first in a series of books from leading urbanists in the fields of mobility, sanitation, gender-based violence and health. The texts are based on ESRC-funded research and presentations in previous Urban Transformations events, and will be published in partnership with Manchester University Press (MUP) in August 2020.
  • African cities and collaborative futures: Urban platforms and metropolitan logistics’: this is the second in a series of books from leading urbanists who share the findings of their ESRC-funded research in Africa. The book is due to be launched towards the end of 2020 by