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Festival of the Future City

Event type: Portfolio
Date: 18/10/2017

The second Festival of the Future City will take place 18-20 October 2017. Set over three days the festival – which aims to be the largest public debate about the future of cities – brings together politicians, writers, artists, scientists, change-makers, academics, journalists, students, the public, economists, futurists, policy makers, roboticists, philosophers, filmmakers, think tanks, charities, social enterprises, city-builders and more. At least 150 speakers will participate. The Festival of the Future City is part of Bristol Festival of Ideas.

The first Festival of the Future City 2014/2015 was an 18-month programme of work that culminated in a major series of 69 events over four days from 17 to 20 November 2015 – including the buildup there were 139 events in total with over 20,000 participants. Details of the first festival are here. Much of the festival was filmed and a book has been published.

The themes in the 2017 Festival of the Future City include:

  • Globalisation and cities
  • Social mobility and intergenerational issues
  • Cities and Brexit
  • Current state of world cities
  • The economies of cities
  • Race and cities
  • The ethical city
  • Country focus
  • Faith and the city
  • Higher education and medical institutes and the future of cities
  • Arts and the city
  • Planning future cities: green belt/ housing/ infrastructure
  • Cities, freedom and terrorism
  • Devolution (and also English parliament, devolution and cities)
  • “Englishness” and cities
  • Leadership and cities
  • Cities of the past and what they can teach us now
  • Archiving the city for future city work
  • The science of cities (including science centres)
  • Cities of migration and refuge
  • The future of work in cities
  • Healthy cities – especially the role of the NHS
  • Resilience in cities and the urban infrastructure
  • Regions and cities and balancing the UK economy
  • Sustainable cities and sustainable development goals and cities
  • Cities and the Anthropocene
  • Sharing cities
  • Children and the city
  • Women and cities
  • Beauty and cities

More details and information can be found on the Bristol Festival of Ideas website.