Urban Living Pilot – Newcastle and Gateshead City Region

Duration: 07/16 - 01/18

Urban Living Project – Newcastle and Gateshead City Region aims to strengthen understanding of the complex and interdependent challenges confronting the region. Through the creation of a multi-stakeholder Newcastle City Futures Unit, bringing together government, industry, academia and civil society, it will explore a range of emerging issues including ageing, sustainability and social renewal.

Building on previous futures-oriented research in Newcastle, the project will use a range of methodologies and systems analysis to visualise scenarios, combined with expertise in computing, mapping, spatial analysis and urban planning. Working with partners, it will also develop a series of demonstrator projects to inform service design and delivery during the project cycle. The findings will provide practical solutions and recommendations for a broad range of stakeholders to promote effective, forward looking urban policies for citizens in the region.

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Mark Tewdwr-Jones (Principal Investigator, Director)
Richard Clay (Professor of Digital Humanities)
Lynne Corner (Director of Engagement)
Ruth Dalton (Professor of Building Usability and Visualisation)
Richard Dawson (Professor of Earth Systems Engineering)
Lynn Frewer (Professor of Food and Society)
Rose Gilroy (Professor of Ageing, Policy and Planning)
Shaun Lawson (Professor of Social Computing)
Daniel Nettle (Professor of Behavioural Science)
Patrick Olivier (Professor of Human-Computer Interaction)
Ranald Richardson (Principal Research Associate)

Creation of an interdisciplinary Newcastle City Futures Unit, bringing together a range of partners from the academic, public and private sectors.

Application of surveying, visualisation, systems analysis and other methodologies to develop projections and future scenarios for the city region.

Series of demonstrator projects with partner to directly inform service delivery during the project cycle.

Stories from the academy: Newcastle City Futures (29 May 2017)