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The Good City: Urban Transformation, Comparison and Value

Event type: UT
Date: 18/04/2018

Between 18 and 20 April 2018, the ESRC Urban Transformations Global conference will offer a space to gather researchers focusing on global, European and UK comparative urbanism. It will aim to first summarise UT’s past work, and then benefit from this richness of experience to outline new methodologies and a new discourse for comparative and future-oriented urban research.

The central focus of this conference will be on how scholars and policy makers can talk across cities and times (past, present and future) in normative but non-homogenizing ways. We therefore structure sessions to address the relationship between desirable values in urbanization and co-existing diverse realities and perceptions of the city, seeking to concretize clear criteria for imagining the “good city.” This approach embraces new efforts to quantify cities and catalogue comparative indicators for global urbanism, while also being critical of the dangers in setting universal standards. When pairing together desirable values with different ways of perceiving, feeling and narrating such values across time and space, we explore new and varied realities that can emerge when pursuing answering the same questions: what should your city be and become? Based on what principles and priorities?

For more information, please contact Andreza de Souza Santos (andreza.desouzasantos@compas.ox.ac.uk) or Nicholas Simcik Arese (nicholas.simcik-arese@compas.ox.ac.uk).